Hello! My name is Gemma Louise Porter and I am a North-West based photographer. 
Photography for me is more than just taking a picture...​​​​​​​I help people tell their stories through images. I want to capture their personality, their passions, their life.
I aim to eternalise moments that could otherwise be gone forever, through images that would never have existed if I hadn’t been there at an exact moment in time.
I have been photographing for a few of years now and cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from urban, wildlife, sports, landscape and many others.
This website provides a showcase some of my projects. I hope you enjoy browsing through them.
Most of my shots are taken on either the Lumix G6, Canon 6D, Canon 1DX or Canon 7Dii with a range of lenses. 

Please note that this website is being continuously populated, therefore some albums may be empty, but be sure to check by to explore them! ​​​​​​
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